Yiota Wilkinson Wealth Management

Still from a suite of social media videos, that included motion graphics editing and post production.

Huddersfield design and animation agency CreateMB had the fantastic opportunity to work with Yiota Wilkinson Wealth management, specialists in bespoke wealth management advice.

A series of short form videos were needed as content for their social media channels, to help provide snippets of advice and promote their services to a wider audience. It was important that each video helped to emphasise their professionalism, expertise & trustworthiness, as well as demonstrating their friendly and approachable attitude.

Taking footage from a recent podcast interview, we edited together 11 videos complete with animated text, subtitles and some final post-production finishing touches (such Colour Grading & Correction and Sound Mixing & Editing).

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Mockup of the animated logo for The Origami Fox on a laptop

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