CreateMB experiments

Character animation for CreateMB promo video

CreateMB is a busy design and animation studio based in-between Leeds and Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

When we do get any free moments in between jobs, we don’t like to waste them! So that is why we are always experimenting and trying out new methods and techniques. We love learning and are always on the lookout for new software, equipment or ideas that will not only improve our work, but also provide the best solutions to our clients. We take R&D very seriously.

Here are some examples of our work that were not created for paying clients, they were created for us. Purely for fun and to explore the possibilities. We are firm believers in spending time researching and developing, as in the end it helps us to deliver stunning work to our clients.

These are explorations in motion graphics, animation techniques, 3D modelling and animation, postproduction and Visual Effects.

If you want to know any more about any of these, get in touch!

Mockup of the animated logo for The Origami Fox on a laptop

The Origami Fox

When approached by The Origami Fox, West Yorkshire based graphic design and motion graphics studio CreateMB transformed the current logo

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